The Social Pet

Socialize Your Pup!

Attention puppy owners! Training and socialization are essential parts of caring for a new puppy. Start training your puppy now, before Fido makes the Tazmanian Devil look like a couch potato! 

A Poorly Socialized Dog:

  • Jumps on people 
  • Drags you down the street 
  • Bothers neighbors
  • Soils inside your home 
  • Aggressively protects food dishes and toys 
  • Rips apart your house or yard 
  • Acts "out of control" 
  • Is an embarrassment 
  • Might be euthanized because of misbehavior 

A Well Socialized Pup Is:

  • Much easier to train 
  • Less likely to bite 
  • Comfortable with new people, places, pets, or things 
  • Easier to groom, board, and medically treat 
  • More predictable and safer 
  • More enjoyable for the whole family 
  • A better companion 

Your veterinarian wants you to experience the wonderful things a canine companion can offer. Please ask the veterinary staff for information about proper puppy training including obedience school. Let us celebrate the joy of a properly socialized pet.

Sponsored by the Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association