Detective Division

Welcome to the web page of our Detective Division. The Cumberland Police Department Detective Division is charged with the responsibility of the investigations of felony and misdemeanor crimes occurring within its jurisdiction. The Division is responsible for the identification, apprehension, interrogation, prosecution of offenders, case clearance and the processing of stolen and recovered property. Detectives also investigate non-criminal activity, such as missing persons and juvenile related matters. Our Detectives are trained to investigate a wide range of crimes, including crimes against persons, burglary, fraud, identity theft, narcotics violations, juvenile offenses, and a host of others. Currently our division consists of one Captain, three investigators and one juvenile detective. Normally working hours for our division is Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm, but detectives are on call 24 hours a day.

In the mid 1960s The Cumberland Police Department appointed the first full time Detectives. Prior to that time, investigations of criminal matters were handled by the patrol officer that initially handled the case. In major criminal cases, the Cumberland Police Department was assisted by Investigators from the Rhode Island State Police.

Over the next 40 years, the Detective Division has grown to handle every type of criminal activity which is brought to the Departments attention. Working with a variety of resources and contacts from outside organizations, the Detective Division follows through on reports taken by Uniform Patrol Officers.

I am committed to ensuring we provide only the highest level of service to the community. I look forward to my part in diligently addressing crime problems in Cumberland and ensuring our community continues to be one of the safest in the nation.

Thank you,

James Murphy, Detective Captain