Honor Guard Division

The Honor Guard consists of a colors (flag) team and a casket team. The colors team provides ceremonial displays of our National, State, Department, flags as well as others, and the casket team folds the American flag or a Police Officers Memorial flag that had been placed over the casket. The flag is then ceremoniously presented to the Chief of Police, who then presents it to the next of kin. The casket team also serves as pallbearers at the family's request.


Honor Guard Officers serve as liaisons for the Town of Cumberland while attending funeral services for Officers killed. The Honor Guard participates in the Annual National Police Officers Parade as well as many other events throughout the year.

The Cumberland Police Department Honor Guard has been continually recognized for their outstanding efforts, their distinctive uniforms and their outstanding performances adding to the quality of many events such as:

  • National Memorial Police Parade - Rhode Island Municipal Academy Graduation 
  • Newport, RI Saint Patrick's Day Parade - Pawtucket Red Sox Baseball 
  • Police Memorial Mass - National Police Week - New England Patriots Football 
  • Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies - Rhode Island Veterans
  • Governor of Rhode Island Inauguration - Police Chief's Ceremonies 
  • Boston Red Sox - Fenway Park

The Honor Guard is under the direction of Lieutenant Jonathan Cook he can be reached at 401-333-2500.