Traffic Division

Traffic Calming

The Cumberland Police Traffic Calming Program provides the community with an avenue to take traffic related complaints. The program opens a channel of communication between the citizens of Cumberland and the Police department. In addition to calling attention to problems such as speeding and obedience to traffic controls, citizens can request to have a “Traffic Study” performed in the area. Upon receipt of a formal request for a study, the Traffic Officer will conduct an evaluation of the area. The evaluation will start with the Traffic Officer spending some time in the area. It will continue by assessing the number of accidents in the area as well as citation history. The traffic office also has equipment available to measure traffic volume and speed. After evaluating all the collected data, the Traffic office may recommend the street for Traffic Calming initiatives. These initiatives may include signage, speed bumps/tables or road design changes. The Traffic Calming program helps residents mitigate traffic problems through communication and cooperation. 


Traffic complaints and concerns may be directed to the Patrol Division Commander - Captain Robert Fay