Position Title:                   FINANCE DIRECTOR

Department:                     Finance

Report to:                         Mayor- Town of Cumberland

FLSA Status:                    Exempt- Appointed- Salaried

Grade/ Union/ Hours:      TBA/ Non-Union/Full-time


The Finance Director serves as:

  • Head of the Town of Cumberland Finance Department
  • Town Treasurer
  • Tax Collector
  • Town Controller
  • Purchasing Agent

The Finance Director oversees the Town Accounting System by:

  • Maintaining and requiring appropriate Standard Accounting Procedures for all departments, offices, and agencies of the Town.
  • Supervising all Information Technology activities of the Town, which include budgeting and payment for upgrades to existing or adoption of new systems.
  • Prescribing uniform forms of receipts, vouchers, bills and claims to be used by all departments, offices, and agencies of the Town.
  • Being responsible for the custody of all Public Funds belonging to or under the control of the Town, including all departments, offices, or agencies.  Oversee all deposits of funds into depositories designated by Town Council resolution, or if not designated by Council, into the appropriate legal depository.  Approve all wire transfers of funds and all bank reconciliations.
  • Taking custody of all investments and invested funds of the Town or in possession of the Town in a fiduciary capacity.  Responsible for the safekeeping of all Bonds and Notes of the Town, including the receipt and delivery of Town Bonds.

The Finance Director will assist the Mayor by compiling revenue and expenditure estimates for the Town’s annual budget, including adoption of transfers and/or revisions throughout the year, as directed by the Town Council or as otherwise deemed appropriate.

The Finance Director is responsible for the Town’s Financial Statements by:

  • Preparing monthly Financial Statements including all revenues and expenditures in sufficient detail to show the financial condition of the Town.
  • Submitting Financial Statements to the Mayor and the Town Council for all departments of the Town, and filing a copy with the Town Clerk to be recorded as a public record.
  • Preparing a complete Financial Statement Report at Fiscal Year-End for submission to the Mayor, Town Council, and tax payers of the Town of Cumberland.
  • Overseeing the selection process of an Independent CPA firm to perform the Annual Audit of the Town’s Financial Statements; and recommend the Auditor for selection by the Town Council and approve the Auditor’s draft of the Audited Financial Statements.

The Finance Director is responsible for Receipt of all Monies on behalf of the Town of Cumberland by:

  • Monitoring the collection and receipts of all taxes and special assessments for the Town.
  • Overseeing the collection of all interest and penalties on taxes and assessments including any adjustments Legally made thereon.
  • Providing for any special agreements made with commercial taxpayers for economic development purposes.
  • Granting final approval of payment plans with taxpayers and monitoring tax collections made by taxpayers under these Plans.
  • Approving all Tax Sales and related matters.
  • Being responsible for the receipt of all licenses, fees, rents, funds, and monies received by the Town from Federal and State Governments; and all funds by the Court or by any Town department, office, or agency.

The Finance Director is responsible for exercising Internal Control over all Expenditures by overseeing and pre-auditing all bills, invoices, payrolls, and all other Expenditures of claims or charges against the Town, which includes:

  • Payment by check for any debt of any department, office, or agency of the Town while maintaining compliance with provisions and/or authorization by Town Council.
  • Approve payments, adjustments, additions and deletions with respect to Town payroll and pensions.
  • Oversee all bond payments and non-synchronized tax systems, anticipation notes, if necessary to regulate the Town’s cash flow.

The Finance Director, along with the Mayor and Human Resource Director and Town Council, when appropriate, will approve the hiring and discharge of Town employees.

The Finance Director shall work with the Pension Board to oversee approved Investment Policy for invested Pension and OPEB related funds.

The Finance Director shall work with the Tax Assessor to oversee real estate purchases and sales, as well as Capital Project Fund investments, and fund management related financial and accounting matters; will also manage the accounting for the Town’s General Fixed Assets, including surplus sales and retirements, purchases and leases.

The Finance Director shall assist the Human Resource Director, Mayor, and Town Council in Collective Bargaining matters.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and/or Accounting-  MBA and/or CPA preferred.
  • 5-10 years’ experience in Municipal Finance/ Accounting.
  • Must exhibit a strong working knowledge of municipal accounting, taxation practices, budgeting and financial control.
  • Should possess excellent written, oral and technical communication skills with experience in public speaking.
  • Strong management of Town/City government operations and proven record of prudent responsibility.
  • Knowledge in computer programming and management systems.


$88,000 - $95,000- Annual salary based on Education and Experience.

Please email resume and qualifications by January 13, 2017 to Kathleen Taraian- HR Director at ktaraian@cumberlandri.org.

ADA/AA/EOE Employer