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Where children engage in essential early learning experiences.

Registration for the upcoming session begins in March. Spring Open House date TBA

For ages 0-5 and for Grades K-2 during the summer session.

OCYL's unique early childhood classes are joyful, dynamic, skills based and developmentally appropriate. The curriculum, aligned with RI Early Learning and Development Standards, provides practice and measures children’s progress towards specific learning goals. The classes also help to develop language, social/emotional, cognitive and motor skills. Classes are taught by certified teachers and highly qualified assistants.

During Literacy and Number Sense, class time is split between learning centers, where children explore and play, and teacher led activities. Classes are held from 9:30-11:30 AM and additional classes, 12:30 - 2:30 when wait lists fill.

Preschool Science is now offered in the Winter and Spring as a drop off class for children entering Kindergarten in fall of 2017. In addition, currently registered students may register for a "Lunch Bunch" program from 11:30 AM- 12:30 PM. Science is then offered from 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM. This opportunity supports the transition to a longer school day, and the expectations of eating lunch away from home. Please see below for Science description.

In Preschool Art and Music & Movement, a parent or guardian attends along with the child in 45 minute classes. Note that the two-hour classes are drop-off, while these designated classes are accompanied by parent/guardian. 

We strongly encourage a visit or a tour for you and your child! Call us to schedule a personal visit with the Early Childhood Coordinator or come to the next Open House (TBA).

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Literacy and Number Sense Drop-off Program:

OCYL’s drop-off Early Childhood classes are taught by certified teachers and assistants. During Literacy and Number Sense classes, time is split between learning centers, where children explore and play, and teacher led activities in a two-hour drop-off program.
The 2016-17 "School Year*" is underway. Some seats are available in January for the Winter/Spring session. Children may register to attend Literacy on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30- 11:30 AM. Number Sense is offered on Fridays and typically fills early. On ocassion, an afternoon section may be added from 12:30-2:30 PM. Families are encouraged to register for the waitlist if a class has filled to capacity. *"School year" indicates the 30 week OCYL session. Please see the calendar for details.


Children learn literacy skills through songs, poems, circle time, literacy centers, small and whole group activities, and read-alouds.  Children engage in play and activities that are related to phonological awareness, alphabet  knowledge, print knowledge, comprehension, reading and writing. The core of our literacy program was created at the Bank Street College of Education in New York. 

Number Sense

Children learn math concepts through games, circle time, songs, learning centers, whole group activities and everyday math related experiences and problem solving. Children develop number recognition, counting skills and learn to use numbers and language to compare quantities and solve problems. Sorting, patterning, measurement, graphing, shapes and number formation are included in the curriculum. 

Program Sessions

Early childhood programming is divided into 3 sessions during the year: Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer.

Fall - 12 Weeks (September - December)

  • Last class for the fall season: MW: Dec. 5, TTH Dec. 13, FRI Dec. 16

Winter/Spring - 18 Weeks (January - May) (This, combined with Fall is the "School Year", a 30 week program at OCYL)

Summer - 6 Weeks  (July - August) Note: Early childhood summer session classes include students from age 3 trhough entering grade 2.

Choosing the Right Educational Setting for Your Child:

Choosing a program in a school or community based setting is an important decision for families. OCYL may be your child’s first experience in a formal learning  environment. We work with families to ensure a good fit.  An OCYL tour, visit and/or attendance at open house is strongly recommended.

Children are assigned a classroom based on age and/or learning experiences to provide the best learning environment for each child. 

Literacy and Number Sense programs offer:

  • A low teacher to student ratio of 1:6-8
  • Small class sizes at 12-14 maximum
  • Aligned with RIELDS
  • Child Outreach screenings (Fall) 
  • Fall and spring (end of school year) assessments
  • Parent-teacher conferences (after spring assessments)
  •  A secure facility: OCYL doors are locked and monitored.
  • A nut-free snack 
  •  An authorized pick-up procedure
  • Opportunity to speak directly with teachers daily
  • Caring and passionate teachers and staff

Additionally, our certified Literacy and Number Sense teachers are trained in the RI Early Learning & Development Standards (RIELDS), which provides a framework for early learning as children grow, develop and acquire skills.

Click here for 2016 -2017 "School Year" Registration Information or scroll below.
Click link on bottom of page for a PDF attachment of the Literacy/Number Sense Calendar & Information Sheet.


In order to participate, children must:

  • Be able to use the bathroom independently
  • Separate easily from parent/guardian
  • Be 3 years old by the first day of class

Registration Schedule for 2016-17 school year

Early childhood programming is divided into 3 sessions during the year: Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer.

To register for Fall & Winter/Spring- OCYL's "School Year":

  • Beginning in May, families may register their child(ren) for the upcoming "School Year" (Fall and Winter/Spring session) with a non-refundable deposit of 10%.
  • Classes typically begin the second week of September.
  • The balance due is split between 2 dates: August 15 and December 15.
  • Registration remains open into October for students late to the registration process when seats are available. However, children must be age 3 by the first week of class in September in order to register for the fall session. Children turning 3 in the fall after the first week of class will register to start in January.

To register for Winter/Spring:

  • Registration opens in November for any remaining open seats to begin in the Winter/Spring session. Please note, the OCYL break over the holidays is slightly longer than the public schools in December before resuming the second week of January. Children must be age 3 by the first week of class in January to register.

To register for Summer: 

  • In May, families may register their child(ren) for the summer session. Children must be age 3 by the first week of the 6 week summer session that begins in July. Three levels of curriculum are held during the summer to accomodate students entering Grades K, 1 & 2.

Cost for Literacy 

"2016-17 School Year": Meets twice per week for 30 weeks Choose Mon/Wed or Tues/ Thurs 9:30 –11:30 AM, September – May
Cumberland Residents: $950 
Non Residents: $1,900 
10% Non-refundable Deposit Due upon registering. 45% due by August 15, 45% due December 15
2017 Winter/Spring session: Meets twice per week for 18 weeks Choose Mon./Wed. or Tues./ Thurs. 9:30 –11:30 AM,  January- May
Cumberland Residents*: $570                                                                                                                                                                       Non Residents: $1,140

2017 Summer session: Meets twice per week for 6 weeks. Choose Mon./Wed. or Tues./ Thurs. 9:30 –11:30 AM
Cumberland Residents*: $TBA                                                                                                                                                                     Non Residents: $TBA

Cost for Number Sense 

"2016-17 School Year": Meets once per week on Fridays for 30 weeks. 9:30 -11:30 AM, September - May
Cumberland Residents*: $425 
Non Residents: $950
10% Non-refundable deposit due upon registering. 45% due by August 15, 45% due December 15 

2017 Winter/Spring session: Meets once per week on Fridays for 18 weeks. 9:30 -11:30 AM, January - May
Cumberland Residents*: $285                                                                                                                                                                    Non Residents: $570

2017 Summer session:  Meets once per week on Fridays for 18 weeks. 9:30 -11:30 AM, July- August
Cumberland Residents*: $TBA                                                                                                                                                               Non Residents: $TBA

*Please note, Cumberland residents pay the reduced rate due to the support of the Town of Cumberland


Adult/Child Classes:

These programs offer a great introduction to socialization with peers and the classroom setting while creating meaningful relationships with teachers, most of whom are State Certified Early Childhood Teachers. Younger siblings are welcome if closely supervised by the accompanying adult. A discount is offered for 2nd child who is of age and participates. 

Program Sessions:

Fall 8 Weeks (September- Nov. or Dec.)

Winter 8 Weeks (January- March)

Spring 8 Weeks (April- May)

Summer 6 Weeks (July- August)

The 45 minute classes meet once per week.


During adult/child classes, the caregiver is:

  • A participant with the child during class
  • A learner of developmentally appropriate expectations
  • A parent or adult/caregiver must accompany and help to guide the child during class.

Music and Movement

Children explore music through activities that combine singing, making sound, rhythm,  tonality, language and fun! Educational tips and concepts are shared with participating adults. Ages 18 Months - 4 years.

8 Classes 

Fall: Last scheduled class is November 23rd

Winter: new dates: January 18 - March 15 (one week break in event snow day is needed),

Spring: March 22- May 17

Wednesdays, 9:45 - 10:30 AM

1st child cost: $85 per session

Sibling 2 cost: $65 per session

Preschool Art 

Jump into the creative pool! Children experiment with a range of textures, materials and tools throughout these "process" classes. The teacher will encourage students to share their thoughts about their experience and creations.  Art clothing and/or a smock is strongly suggested! Ages 2+

8 Classes

Winter: January 12- March 2 (now March 9th for 2/9 snowday)

Spring: March 23- May 18

Thursdays, 12:30 - 1:15 PM

1st child cost: $85 per session

Sibling 2 cost: $65 per session

Preschool Science

Science topics change from session to session. Learning is guided through exploration and play, experiments, hands-on activities, read-alouds, and indoor and outdoor observations of live specimens (when applicable). Ages 3+

8 Classes

Winter: January 10 - March 7 

The Winter Theme is: Yummy In My Tummy! Edible Science!

We all love to eat! But, did you know cooking is science?! Children will engage in food investigations and use basic science process skills while  cooking up some grub! Session will include cooking experiments as well as sensory activities, read-alouds, observing, recording and classifying food.  Students will be introduce to food and nutrition concepts through a variety of hands on activities. Session will include long and short term experiments as well as movement, read-alouds, art and food preparation.

Spring: March 21- May 16

The Spring Thesme is: Life Cycles: Things That Grow!   Explore life cycles of living things including butterflies, chickens, frogs, plants and trees through hands-on actvities, read-alouds, songs, and observation of live specimens!

Tuesdays, 12:30 - 1:15 PM

1st child cost: $85 per session

Sibling 2 cost: $65 per session

Sibling 2 cost: $65 per session



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