Housing Rehabilitiation

Town of Cumberland, Rhode Island Residents:

Do you need money for a new roof, hot water heater, window replacement, septic system, or other home repairs?

You may qualify for financial assistance for home repairs through the Town of Cumberland Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program, funded by the Rhode Island Small Cities Community Development Block Grant. The goals of the program are to benefit low and moderate-income families and individuals, as well as to improve the Town of Cumberland's housing stock. The program is available to low and moderate income families and individuals who need repairs or energy conservation improvements to their residential structure.

“Low and moderate income” is defined as anyone whose gross household income falls within the income limits established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. These figures, as of February 2015, are set forth below. The applicant's family income must be equal to or less than those listed. Income guidelines are updated annually by HUD and are subject to change.

Household size Maximum Annual Income

1 - $41,650
2 - $47,600
3 - $53,550
4 - $59,500

5 - $64,300
6 - $69,050
7 - $73,800
8+ $78.550

Historically, the maximum funding amount has been $5,000. However, the award may exceed that figure under special circumstances. The amount awarded will be returned to the Town of Cumberland upon the sale or other conveyance of the property. The program is run on a “first come, first serve” basis and is subject to funding availability.

The Town of Cumberland is part of the Northern Rhode Island Housing Consortium, which is administered by the City of Woonsocket's Planning Department. Please contact Susan DiCollela, the Program Administrator, for more details.

For additional information contact
Susan DiColella, Program Administrator 
Woonsocket Town Hall 
169 Main Street
Woonsocket, RI 028895 
(401) 767-9228