Rhode Island Court Information

District Court
District Court arraignments are held primarily on Tuesdays at the J. Joseph Garrahy Judicial Complex at One Dorrance Plaza in Courtroom 4C. 

Tuesday is Cumberland’s assigned day for individuals who have been released to appear on a summons. Those summoned or wishing to attend an arraignment are instructed to be at the courtroom by 9:00 am. The court will begin the process by explaining your rights and the arraignment process via video monitor. Once, completed, the clerk will call names alphabetically and by Police Department. The telephone number for the District Court is 401-458-5400. Detective Mike Strain is the arraignment office.

Family Court
Family Court arraignments are held primarily on Wednesday at the J. Joseph Garrahy Judicial Complex at One Dorrance Plaza in Courtrooms 5E and 5F. 

A member of this department will notify juveniles who are required to appear in Family Court. The parents will be asked to sign a notification letter, which will advise them of the charge(s), and the date, time and location that they need to appear with their child. If you have any questions regarding the time and date of your child’s arraignment you can call the Family Court at 401-458-3290. Detective Peter Sweet is the Family Court arraignment officer.

Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal Court [RITT]
The Cumberland Police Department conducts Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal arraignments every Thursday at 8:30 am.  RITT is located on the 670 New London Ave. Cranston RI. Cumberland's arraigments are held in courtroom 2C. 

If you are scheduled to appear in this court and you fail to appear, you risk the possibility of having your License suspended. 
If you plead not guilty at your arraignment, a trial date will be scheduled. Currently all RITT trials for Cumberland are scheduled for Thursdays, and are heard at 670 New London Avenue, Cranston, RI . The main phone number for RITT is 401-275-2700.Currently assigned to handle arraignments at RITT is Detective Peter Sweet.

Criteria for dismissal based on good driving record: RIGL 31-41.1-7

  • Any person who has had a motor vehicle operator’s license for more than three (3) years, and who has been issued traffic violations which are the first violations in that time, may request a hearing seeking a dismissal of the violations based upon the operator’s good driving record.
  • Upon submission of proper proof that the operator has not been issued any other traffic violation within the past three (3) years, the charge shall be dismissed based upon a good driving record, unless provided or for good cause shown.
  • The traffic tribunal may not dismiss a charge pursuant to this section after six (6) months from the date of disposition. For purposes of this section, a parking ticket shall not constitute a prior violation.
  • The following violations shall not be dismissed pursuant to this section:

Any violation within the original jurisdiction of superior or district court;
A refusal to submit to a chemical test of breath, blood or urine pursuant to 31-27-2.1;
Any violations involving a school bus;
Any violation involving an accident where there has been property damage or personal injury; and
Any speeding violation in excess of nineteen miles per hour (19mph) above the posted speed limit.

  • If the charge is dismissed pursuant to this section, records of the dismissal shall be maintained for a period of three years.
  • The judge or magistrate has the discretion to waive court costs and fees when dismissing a violation pursuant to this section.
  • Those persons possessing a Commercial Drivers Licence (CDL) are not eligible for consideration under the Good Driving Record statute.

Municipal Court
The Cumberland Municipal Court is located at 45 Broad Street, Cumberland in the Town Council Chambers of Cumberland Town Hall. 

The Municipal Court hears certain Motor vehicle violations as well as Town ordinances and Zoning Violations. The court convenes on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm. The clerk of the Municipal Court is Janice Spagnoli McCormick and can be reached at 401-728-2400 ext. 154. Deputy Chief Douglas Ciullo is the prosecuting officer.

For motorist who are summoned to the Municipal Court who wish to utilize the “Good Driving Statute” 31-41.1-7 to have their ticket dismissed, please see the above "Criteria for dismissal based on good driving record" which is admissible in Municipal Court.

Juvenile Hearing Board
The Juvenile Hearing Board (JHB) was established in 1997. The board consists of seven residents of the town over the age of 18. The board members have a background in the related fields of education, probation, parole, human services, community youth services, members of the clergy, law enforcement or judicial officials. 

Persons under the age of 18 may be referred the JHB if the crime which he/ she is being charged with would be a misdemeanor if the person were an adult. A Detective will then refer persons who meet the above criteria to the JHB. The JHB is designed to hear cases involving first time offenders. If you are referred to the board you will be notified by mail. You will be instructed to contact a Detective to inform him of your decision to either appear before the JHB or to appear in Family Court.

If you wish to appear in front of the JHB, you will be required to meet with a Detective and sign a Family Court wavier. By signing this wavier you are admitting guilt and that you agree to abide to the JHB sanctions. The board convenes primarily on the last Thursdays of each month at 6:30 pm at Town Hall located 45 Broad Street Cumberland. These closed hearings are held in the Town Council Chambers. Detective Jolene Alves is the prosecuting officer.