Exemptions and Deferments

Special Adapted Motor Vehicle
Tax Exemption on vehicles adapted for persons who are disabled.  Specially Adapted Motor Vehicle is defined as a motor vehicle with special equipment, provided that the cost of the special adaptations meet or exceed seven percent (7%) of the value of the motor vehicle.  Qualifying vehicles will receive a fifty percent (50%) value reduction. To insure that special equipment has been added to the motor vehicle, the vehicle must be inspected at the Town Hall by an employee of the Tax Assessor Office. Specially Adapted Vehicle Exemption

Interstate Trucking Exemption
According to RI General Law Statute 44-34-4.1 any bus, truck or trailer that was operated by a bus, or trucking company exclusively for the purpose of interstate commerce can apply for this exemption so that no excise tax is imposed on such vehicles.  The registrant must complete an affidavit.  If the operator of such bus, truck or trailer was a bus or trucking company that was not the registrant, an affidavit must also be completed by the bus or trucking company. Notice to Interstate Trucking

Blind Exemption
The property taxes of a qualified applicant will  be given up to $45,767 exemption if the impairment is permanent in both eyes and meets the visual acuity levels set forth in State Statute 44-3-12.  It is also required that your Ophthalmologist fill out additional forms here verifying that you are in fact legally blind. Contact the Tax Assessor’s Office for details.

Senior Deferment Plan
The property taxes of a qualified applicant will be deferred until a transfer of the property occurs.  Full payment will be due upon transfer.  A lien will be recorded with the Town Clerk’s Office upon the approval of the applicant.  Qualified applicants MUST APPLY NO LATER THAN MARCH 15TH, AND shall have household income below the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Senior Deferment Application

Reminder the maximum amount of exemptions you can receive in Cumberland per household is $56,940 in assessed value (this does not include the deferred tax amounts applied under the senior deferment plan)