The Tax Assessor’s Office is required to conduct Statistical Revaluations every 3 years and Full Revaluations every 9 years.  A Statistical Revaluation reviews sales data and makes changes in value based on those sales.  Some fieldwork is required, but mostly limited to exterior inspections.  During a Full Revaluation, each property and selected businesses are visited for exterior and interior inspections to determine if the data we have in the Tax Assessor’s Office is accurate and based on Sale Review, values are changed.  The Revaluation Cycle and Process is mandated by RI General Law Chapter 44-5

A Statistical Revaluation was completed in 2010 for the 2011-billing year. A Full Revaluation was completed in 2013 for the 2014-billing year.  The company conducting the revaluation was Certified Revaluation Company (CRC), which has since merged with Vision Government Solutions.  At the end of the Revaluation, each homeowner should have received a letter describing their home.  If any of your home detail was incorrect, you must have contacted the revaluation company. Contact information was included in the letter and someone from Vision Government Solutions should have visited your home and make appropriate corrections.  For further information on the revaluation please contact the Tax Assessor’s Office at the above mentioned extension numbers.