Tax Payment Information

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If any installment is not paid on or before the delinquent dates, the entire tax or any balance thereof shall become due and payable with interest. Interest will be applied at a rate 14% per annum. If at any time, an account becomes delinquent, the interest policy goes into effect.

It is the responsibility as a property owner to make sure that all taxes are paid, regardless of whether or not a tax bill has been received.

Tax bills are mailed once a year, at the beginning of May.

  • All Sewer billing is mailed by the 1st of March of each year and is due by the 1st of April of each year. For any Sewer billing questions, please contact David Carr at (401) 728-2400, Ext. 122.
  • Cumberland Water Department billing can only be collected at the water department which is located at 98 Nate Whipple Highway Cumberland, RI 02864 or by contacting them directly by phone at (401) 658-0666.
  • The Cumberland Fire District collects all fire taxes at the Cumberland Fire District, located at 3502 Mendon Road Cumberland, RI 02864.
  • Motor vehicle excise taxes, which are issued in the current year, are based on the number of days each vehicle was registered during the previous calendar year. The Registry of Motor Vehicles must be notified of any change in registration, name and/or address, as the Registry in turn provides the Town with the information needed in order to issue the tax on motor vehicles. If the plates are retained or if they are allowed to expire, the vehicle must be taxed until the expiration date of the registration. Delinquent motor vehicle accounts create a block on registrations at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. This can only be cleared by the taxes being paid in full and current. Payments to clear blocks at the Registry can only be made by cash, money order or certified check.
  • Payments for real-estate, tangible and motor vehicle taxes can be combined on the same check, but sewer payments must be on a separate check.

A return check fee of $50.00 is issued by the Town’s bank for checks issued to the Town that are returned for insufficient funds. The Town of Cumberland, in turn will charge the check writer a fee of $50.00 for any bounced checks that are received.