Celebrate Earth Day 2017

earth day

bags  Yellow Bag Day - Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Earth Day cleanup organized by Tom Ward & The Valley Breeze 

click here for how you can volunteer


logoDon't Litter Poster Contest
Posters accepted until April 7th @ 4 pm 

Draw a poster sharing "Why Litter is Harmful"
The first 100 submitted, will hang in at the Pawtucket Red Sox fan club. Fans will chose their favorite 3 posters.  
These winners will be recognized at a special Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful game on May 23rd.  

 Don't Litter Poster Contest Details


the benefits will suprise you

Thursday April 27th @Cumberland Library - 6:30 pm - 7:30

URI Master Gardner, Bill, will explain the benefits of leaving your clippings right on your lawn. No more bagging, no more transporting clippings off your property.    

We will explain how you how less work for you, will help your lawn, save tax dollars and is the greenest option for our environment.