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Healthy Landscape Lecture:  Thursday April 27th @ The Library 6:30 pm.


   9/23/16 Cumberland Schools in their 2nd year of collecting food scraps. Channel 12 visits a school and show how Cumberland & 3 other communities divert this waste from their school.  

Click the tv to view the story. 


Take a Tour of our State Landfill-
Visit RIRRC in Johnston where their experts will guide you around the landfill complex to see first hand where your garbage goes after it leaves your curb. Next you will visit the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) for an up-close look at how your recyclables are sorted and made ready for market. The tour takes about 90 minutes to complete.

Public tours are offered one Wednesday (11:30am) and one or two Saturdays (9:30am) each month, from late March to early November. There is no charge for the tours, and reservations are first come, first served. Individuals and small groups may be combined. Small groups with 10 or more members can request to be given a private tour if absolutely necessary, and depending on availability. The MaxBus holds a maximum of 23 people.

Schedule your trip directly with RIRRC.  click here to access link

Mattress Program in State of RI-- 
Channel 12 News coverage -- May 3, 2016

RI is recycling mattresses -- Watch the news coverage about this new program. Click below


 Our ONLY Landfill in Rhode Island is Filling Up.  
You might of heard, but we are running out of space at the one and only landfiill servicing Rhode Island.  Landfills are a finite space and do eventually reach capacity and ours is estimated to be filled in only 22 years.  The challenge quickly facing our state is what do we do when this happens.  Channel 12 News did a great story detailing this issue on February 1, 2016.

Watch the video here 

Reducing what we put in the landfill, by reducing what we put in our trash bags, will quickly extend the life of this landfill.  Unfortunately, a lot of waste that was not trash, but actually recycling, was identified in our trash bag study.  Read the results below. 

Yikes -- Look What was in the Trash -- Letter to Editor printed in Valley Breeze 2/4/2016



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