How Do I Dispose ....

* Cumberland wants to keep all that can be recycled or diverted out of our municipal trash.  Use these additional programs to help us reach that goal!

Not sure how to get rid of a certain item? 
Click the A-Z icon above. It will link you to RIRRC's listing of over 5,000 items.
This index will list ways to reuse, recycle or the proper way to dispose.

*RI Resource Recovery manages so much more than what is landfilled. There are many opportunities to recycle all kinds of "good" trash beyond what  goes in the curbside recycling program. The best part is residents can use this drop off anytime RIRRC is open and take advantage of more options that what is offered in town.  For complete information, click  the link for the Small Vehicle Area below.

RI Resource Recovery Corp. (RIRRC) Small Vehicle Drop Area 
click above for accepted items


*Common items you might have to dispose:  

Batteries  - Single use batteries C, D, AA go right in the trash.  Rechargable, lithium and car batteries are examples of batteries that handled differently.  For a complete list see the A- Z list above.

Hard-covered Books -  Newer books are welcome at Cumberland Public Library or can be dropped in the Kiducation textile boxes.  Older, outdated books, can be recycled in the curbside cart  if the hardcover is removed.   

Bulky Items

Clothing and Textiles

Cooking Oil -  Bring to RI Resource Recovery in Johnston in their Small Vehicle Drop off Area program.

Construction Debris-  Construction debris is considered wood, sheet rock, toilets, windows, tiles etc. This material cannot be collected in the weekly residential collection.  Residents can dispose of this item by bringing to RI Resource Recovery or any area transfer stations for a fee.

For projects that require a small container on the property, Waste Management has a program called the Bagster (a dumpster in a bag).  Below is the link to the details of their program. The great news is,  Waste Management, our town hauler, has given the town a limited number of bagsters we can hand out to residents at no charge ( you still would pay the disposal fee).   Bagster Information

For larger construction projects, a dumpster can be rented at a variety of private waste hauling companies.

Christmas Trees -  Real trees and wreaths free of tinsel, ornaments, wire or bags can be brought to Tucker Field or the Kent Street Highway Garage during the month of January for composting.  Trees are not collected curbside and will not be put in the trash.  

Flourescent Bulbs – CFL’s are considered hazardous and can be brought to an Eco- Depot collection.  They are also accepted at many Lowes and Home Depot stores by the customer service desk.

Furniture:  See if your furniture item is allowed to be picked up in our trash program. Complete details available here.

Hard-cover Books – The hard cover keeps the books from going directly into the curbside recycle bin.  Either remove the hard cover or bring the entire book and drop in the Kiducation boxes (locations above).  Either way, the book will be recycled.

Hazardous Items -  Oil based paints/stains, pool chemicals, propane tanks are considered hazardous and are not collected in the weekly trash.  RIRRC offers many Eco-Depot collections throughout the state. Go to  or call 942-1430 x 241 for collection dates and accepted items. Click here for more information


Medical Sharps-  All medical sharps should be placed in thick plastic container, such as an old laundry detergent container. Secure with cover and then tape, and put in your TRASH can—do not place in recycling.

Motor Oil  - Used motor oil is accepted at our Kent St. garage during normal business from 8 am - 2 pm. 

Paints & Stains –  Disposal is easier than ever with the NEW PaintCare RI program. Click Paintcare for more information.

Plastic Bag Recycling

Rigid Plastic –  Can now be dropped off at our state lanfill RIRRC, 65 Shun Pike Johnston RI, when the containers are no longer available in town.  We are currently gearing up for the winter season, which prohibits us from offering this service right here in Cumberland. 

Scrap Metal - Items that are not container shapes cannot be placed in the curbside recycle cart as it damages the sorting equipment in the recycle sorting area. Chains, microwaves, bicycles are all recyclable in the scrap metal program.  Just bring to RIRRC in Johnston for a free disposal option.   

Styrofoam – Hard packing Styrofoam can be recycled if brought to RI Resource Recovery. This item is one of the items collected in their Small Vehicle Drop Area

Tires - Local tires business will accept tires for a nominal fee or RIRRC will also accept for a fee.

White Goods

Yard Waste

Still have questions?  
Call the Recycling Department @ 728-2400 x 155. 
Questions for Waste Management, call (800) 972-4545