Moving or Cleaning Out

Moving Out or Cleaning Out?

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Residents are reminded:

1. Weekly trash limits still apply.  Households are limited to four (4) 36 gallon containers or bags per week.  The town will not come and collect unlimited amounts of trash.  An additonal bulky item that is permitted in our trash collection is allowed, but limited to only ONE per week. (This excludes mattresses, box springs, hazardous items, construction debris, and recyclable items).

2.  Have more trash than the limits?  - Ways to reduce your amount of trash are listed below, but if you still have more than the town can collect, consider: 

a) disposing directly at RI Resource Recovery for a fee or
renting  "The Bagster" a small collapsable dumpster, or a full size dumpster from a private hauling company.

3.  Plan Ahead - This will help reduce your trash amounts on move-out day.  

4. Donate when possible -  Many organizations are happy to accept good "usable" household items. Some will also offer to come and pick up at your house and give tax donation certificates.

5. Place ONLY accepted items out for collection.  While our haulers are happy to collect the items that are allowed in our programs, unfortunately some items do not fall in these catagories.  Click below for ways to handle these other items. Many can be brought to collection site or dropped in a community bin.


6.  Don't leave items out at the curb.  Trash and recycling should only be placed out no earlier than 6 pm the night prior to your collection day. The town will sticker items placed in error and are not collected curbside.  Please make sure to remove off the road.  We want to keep our street clear and safe for all to enjoy our community. 

7. Call with any questions.  We are here to help! Proper sorting does get confusing. A quick call to our Recycling office (728-2400 x 155) can make sure you do not come home to the frustration of items left after collection day. 

Recycle Carts Stay at the Property

  • All households have been issued a wheeled recycle cart with a tracking serial number. The property owner is responsible to make sure this cart STAYS at the assigned property. 
  • Replacements are very expensive.  This cost is $60 for a new cart.
  • Owners who do not leave the cart can be charged fee to replace them. 
  • New residents should make sure you do not become responsible to replace this cart. Check to see that a recycle cart has been left at your property before you move in.

Moving Into Cumberland?  Familiarize yourself with the Trash & Recycling Programs offered in Cumberland.

Recycle Carts - New residents during their final walk through should check that a recycling cart has been left on the property.  Each house has been delivered a cart for recyclables, but these STAY with the property when ownership changes.  Avoid any confusion or cost by making sure the previous owner left the cart.

Moving into a newly built home, please call the Recycling Coordinator so we can have a new cart brought to you.  This will take 2-3 business days to deliver.  728-240 x 155.

Trash & Recycling Programs - Programs can vary from town to town, as well as by state.  Information is available on the website, but if you have additional questions contact the Recycling Department.

Multi-Unit ProopertiesThe Town of Cumberland offers weekly trash & recycling service to 1 - 4 unit properties. We ask landlords to understand and inform your tenants what is permitted in the weekly collections.