TV & E-Waste Recycling

logoSpecial One- Day Recycling Event for TV's & E-Waste
April 15th, 2017 @ The Monestary
8 am - 1 pm.
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TVs & E-Waste items are no longer accepted at our Kent Street Garage. 
A variety of other proper disposal options are available. This page should help to answer all your questions regarding the changes to this program. 

What Specific Items are Effected?
The Kent Street garage used to accept TVs and all kinds of electrical items.  Now these are items are no longer allowed to be dropped. Many of these items can still be easily recycled, just not at our garage. Keep reading for new recycling methods. 

TVs, computer monitors, computer towers, laptops and tablets.  These specific items are considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of safely.  To assure the safety of our environment below are some disposal options. 

  1. RIRRC now allows residents to bring for FREE to the landfill in Johnston this waste anytime during normal business hours. 
  2. Use a private business that accepts these items.

Microwaves, irons, VRCs, lights and metal electrical items etc., can also still be recycled in scrap metal programs. RIRRC has a drop off year round,  Kent Street garage has a seasonal drop off from Spring - Fall not currently during the winter as space does not permit. Residents can also go to private metal scrap yards. This item is valuable and if mostly metal, these places will accept for free or  might even pay for these items.

Plastic electrical items, keyboards, mice, telephones etc.are still accepted at some one-day events, or at private business like Green Tech Assets, 33 Meeting Street Cumberland. Most accept these items free of charge, but if that is not an option to bring somewhere, this item would go in with your weekly trash - not in your recycle cart.    

Where To Bring E-Waste Now:
On-going Drop Location RI Resource Recovery - 65 Shun Pike, Johnston RI. Hours: Monday- Friday 6 am - 3:30 pm , Sat 6 am - Noon.
 RI residents can bring the above items for a free drop off anytime during normal hours.  RIRRC also has free recycling drops for large amounts of cardboard, rigid plastic, scrap metal, cooking oil & hard packing styrofoam.

Retail Store Drop Off Options:
Green Tech Assets: 33 Meeting St. Cumberland. 721-9965 M–F 830am -4pm (  
Computers, printers, flat screens no charge.  Tube TVs & older monitors, and some items for a fee.

Best Buy Stores:  Both RI & Massachusetts locations accept some electronics at no charge. Some re strictions apply, so check their website for specific details. ( Electronics & Appliance Recycling)

Staples Stores:  Computers, printers etc, but no TVs. (Visit -Technology Recycling)

Please note: these programs are available at time of print, but could change beyond the control of the town.

Why the Change:
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the company that collected and recycled TVs and E-waste from the Kent Street garage, can no longer service our community.The Town of Cumberland can only allow for drop-off of items that we have a recycler interested in accepting. Unfortunately, we no longer have that option. 

Recycling programs and collection methods can change for a variety of reasons; market value, state requirements, transportation methods, etc. And the town must be flexible and react when changes are required to manage this waste. We hope to make these new disposal options as easy as possible for our residents. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding regarding this matter.

Can E- Waste Go in Regular Trash or Recycling? 
NO. These electronic items have some hazardous components that classify these items as hazardous waste.  Hazardous waste is banned from the landfill and is NOT allowed in either our curbside trash or recycling program for a variety of safety issues. Keeping these items separate and in one piece is important for dismantling and  proper safe disposal.  It’s easy when you use the services listed above.