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Seasonal News


Curbside Collection Program

Seasonal segregated curbside collections run from mid-April to mid-June in the spring and  

37 Blackstone Street, Cumberland RI

Monday – Friday 8 am- 2 pm ONLY


In an effort to introduce new and convenient recycling programs to our community, the Town of Cumberland is now offering summer recycling drop offs for rigid plastic, scrap metal and yard waste.

Rigid Plastic includes:  Garbage cans, little tykes toys, coolers, milk crates, lawn furniture etc.  NO PVC or vinyl.  Remember, you can now recycle plastic containers up to 5 gallons in the curbside recycle cart.  

Scrap Metal includes:  Small items such as metal hangers, pots& pans, chains as well as larger items such as file cabinets, microwaves, and metal furniture etc.

Yard waste includes:  Grass clippings, leaves, small branches & shrubs.  NO sand, dirt, stones, or trash. All yard waste must be in brown biodegradable lawn bags. Loose or larger yard waste cannot be accepted in this program.

Help  us keep these programs working effectively.  Please make sure you follow these guidelines:

1.       Drop off ONLY weekdays from 8 am – 2 pm for our summer season.

2.       Town residents must check in with the attendant in the office.

3.       Summer season schedule will be in effect for July, August & September.  (Note: dates could change if weather or needs require.)

4.       Only bring ACCEPTED items.  Items left that are not accepted will be considered illegal dumping and subject to enforcement.

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Special Curbside Collections

Recycling Paint, Large Cardboard, Clothing & Plastic Bags


How Do I Dispose – Mattresses & More


2015  Trash Holiday Schedule

For weather related delays, call 728-2400 x 155, where my voice message will reflect any delays in collection.



The Town of Cumberland offers weekly trash & recycling service to 1 - 4 unit properties. We ask landlords to understand and inform your tenants what is permitted in the weekly collections.  (Click above for more detailed information.)


Hazardous Waste (Eco- Depot) Event.

Our state landfill offers numerous events to safely dispose of hazardous waste.  RI residents are welcome to attend any of these free collection events in our state. 

For a complete list of what is considered hazardous, click here:

RIRRC Eco-Depot Brochure

 For a list of dates and locations for the events, click below: 

2015 Eco-Depot Schedule


Still have questions?  Call the Recycling Department @ 728-2400 x 155.  Questions for Waste Management, call (800) 972-4545.


http://www.cumberlandri.org/trashrecycling_files/image008.jpgKeep our Streets Clean – Households are reminded, only put items that are accepted in the trash or recycling program out at your curb. 

Unfortunately, items we cannot collect will be left.  If an item is still on your property after the trash and recycling are collected, quickly remove it from the curb.  This is important because:

1. Creates a danger to our snowplow drivers and others using the roads.

2. Is a violation of town ordinance. 

3. Detracts from our community’s beauty.

Mattresses, box springs, construction debris, hazardous items, TV’s & computer items, large glass or furniture items CANNOT be collected.

See below or call for proper disposal methods.


White Goods now picked up every Monday

WHITE GOODS are large metal appliances: stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, treadmills, gas grills etc.

Call Waste Management @ 800-972-4545 to schedule a pick-up.

Please remember: smaller appliances such as a microwave, dehumidifier or anything with a cord should be taken to the Kent Street garage.



Keep current with upcoming events, new information and tips.  Click on the newest edition of Recycling News below. 

Recycling News

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Trash Holiday Schedule

Trash or recycling will not be collected on trash holidays.  Collections will be delayed one day. Click below for the list of holidays effecting trash collection. 

2015 Holiday Schedule


For Weather Related Delays

To get the most up-to-date information regarding trash & recycling delays - call the RECYCLING Department.  The voice message will be changed to reflect any delays in collection. 

728-2400 x 155


OOPS, we can’t service your recycling because



1.    Recycling Bagged.  ALL recycling must be loose in the cart, not in bags!

2.    Overflowing Cart.  Lid must be closed so items will not end up littering your property.

3.    Boxes must be flattened. 

4.    No clearance around the cart.  Leave at least a 3 foot space around your cart so the automated arm can safely grab the cart.

http://www.englishexercises.org/makeagame/my_documents/my_pictures/2010/dec/988_matras.gif        Mattress Collection Changes

Mattresses & box springs are not accepted in the weekly town trash collection. Below are some ways to dispose of this item. 

1.    Arrange removal of old items with local stores when purchasing a new mattress or box spring.

2.    Curbside pick-upThis can be arranged through Ace Mattress, who will pick up every Monday, (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) for a fee of $20 per piece.

§  Call Ace directly @ 640-2725 to schedule an appointment.

§  Payment would be made directly to Ace Mattress, in the form of credit card, check or cash.

3.   Drop Off Directly.  If a resident can bring their mattresses or box springs to an area recycler, the disposal fee is reduced.

§  Ace Mattress Recycling in West Warwick charges $10 per item.  

§  Call 640-2725 to schedule a drop-off time.


§  RI Resource Recovery Corporation, 65 Shun Pike, Johnston RI fee is $15 per item.

      Hours: Monday – Friday 6 am – 3:45 pm & Saturday 6 am – 12 noon.

PLEASE NOTE: for health reasons, Ace Mattress requires that all mattresses be dry, free of bodily fluids, and bed bugs.  If not, residents will be required to have the item wrapped in large plastic bags offered by Ace at an additional charge of $7.50 per bag.


*** Programs & Additional Ways to Recycle ***

Cumberland wants to keep all that can be recycled or diverted out of our municipal trash.  Use these additional programs to help reach that goal!


1.   RECYCLING Paint Now Offered at Some Retail Stores.

 Looking for a way to properly dispose and recycle leftover paints or stains? Residents can now take up to 5 gallons at a time to area retailers!

RI has started a Product Stewardship program for paint disposal. Some local paint stores have decided they will now take back accepted paints to give residents a more convenient way to handle this waste. 

Permitted paints are interior & exterior architectural coatings sold in containers of 5 gallons or less. House paint & primers, stains, and varnishes are included in this program, but spray paints, solvents, and marine paints are not. 

Program information and participating retailers are available atwww.paintcare.org/rhodeisland.


2.  Use the SMALL VEHICLE AREA at our state landfill.


Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation

65 Shun Pike. Johnston, RI  02919  


Normal Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri: 6:00am - 3:45pm, Sat: 6:00am - 12:00pm

RI Resource Recovery has a Small Vehicle Disposal Area where residents are welcome to bring many items that our community cannot accommodate.

This disposal area offers easy access to recycling and disposal for individuals and small businesses. Off-loading for disposal is self-serve, although an attendant will be available to assist and direct.

Some items accepted at the Small Vehicle Area are listed below. 


  • Large amounts of cardboard - up to 6' x 6'
  • Cooking Oil
  • Plastics (bulky & rigid) - Examples: plastic buckets, milk crates, kitty litter baskets, lawn furniture, pet carriers, toys & playhouses, laundry baskets, trash/recycling bins, pallets and shelving


  • Clean Wood -  $20/ton ($20 minimum)
  • Scrap Metal - Depends on % metal content (potentially FREE)
  • Tires - $7/each ($75/each, oversized)
  • Trash  & Construction Debris - $75/ton ($23 minimum)


3.  Use our Community Drop-Off Locations. 


37 Blackstone Street

Hours:  Monday - Friday 7:30 am – 2:30 pm


Items accepted at this location are:

§   TV’s- All sizes are accepted free of charge.

§  Computers & E-waste – computers, scanners, printers, copiers, cell phones, computer parts, etc.  

§  Electrical items - any item with a cord.

§  Motor oil

§  Car batteries

Please drop only items we can accept.  Anything else will be considered illegal dumping. 

    KIDUCATION CLOTHING & TEXTILE BOXES       http://boyertownmennonitechurch.org/web_images/kiducation_boxa.jpg

Boxes located at Town Hall, Ashton School, BF Norton School & Garvin Memorial.

Don’t throw away unwanted clothing & textiles – recycle instead!  As long as the items are clean and dry, they can go into these boxes.  All clothing, even pieces with stains or missing buttons can be reused or repurposed.  Un-wearable items are made into rags, stuffing and even insulation.

Accepted items:  clothing of all types; coats/hats/gloves;  bedding/pillows/blankets;   curtains; undergarments; boots/flip flops/slippers; cleats/shin guards; purses/backpacks/belts; stuffed animals/dolls; scrap fabrics. 

plastic bag recycling bin ReStore      RESTORE PLASTIC BAG RECYCLING

             ReStore is Rhode Island’s plastic bag recycling program.  RI is the first in the nation to provide comprehensive plastic bag recycling, starting in 2005.   Plastic bags are NOT placed in your recycling bin.  Bring to the blue ReStore containers located in most RI supermarkets, big-box retailers and pharmacies.

Accepted items: 

  • Shopping bags
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • Newspaper bags
  • Bread/bagel bags
  • Produce bags
  • Mattress bags
  • Shrink wrap from cases of beverages
  • Electronic overwrap
  • Paper towel and toilet paper overwrap
  • Airpacks (from shipped packages)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Pellet/Firewood bags

4.    Attend a Hazardous Waste (Eco- Depot) Event.

Our state landfill offers numerous events to safely dispose of hazardous waste.  RI residents are welcome to attend any of these free collection events in our state. 

For a complete list of what is considered hazardous, click here:

RIRRC Eco-Depot Brochure

 For a list of dates and locations for the events, click below: 

2015 Eco-Depot Schedule





Follow these guidelines below to assure your items can be collected weekly.


§  TRASH LIMITS:  All trash MUST be in cans or bags - please no loose trash. Weekly accepted trash amounts are limited to four (4) 36 gallon trash cans or bags


§  YARD WASTE:  Residents are reminded if yard waste is put curbside during the non- segregated season, yard waste is included in the trash limits.  The haulers will take all household trash first, and then collect yard waste, but only up to the 4 can limit. 


§  WEIGHT LIMITS:  Trash collection in our community is a manual collection, meaning men still pick up your trash.  Please be aware that trash bags or cans cannot weigh more than 35 pounds each. We recommend a trash can size of 36 gallons.  Using a larger can might hamper your trash from being partially or completely emptied. 


§  PLACEMENT TIMES:   Place containers curbside no earlier than 4 pm one day prior to collection and no later than 7 am. on your collection day. 


§  AVERAGE AMOUNTS:  Trash amounts for an average family of four – should not be more than one 36 gallon can weekly. Does your family seem to have more trash than this?   Feel free to call for suggestions on ways to reduce.



§  CART PLACEMENT:  Cumberland is now using the automated recycling carts. Please make sure your cart can be collected with the automated arm and vehicle.

1 .  place recycling cart so there is a 3 foot clearance ALL around the container.


2.   make sure cart is NOT overloaded—lid must be closed.


3.  place cart no further than 2 feet back from the road.


4.  do NOT comingle with non-recyclables.  If trash, plastic bags, construction debris and hazardous waste are also in your cart --  unfortunately the whole container will be left. 

§  DON’T BAG RECYCALES:  All recycling should be LOOSE in your bin. Do NOT place in plastic bags. Shredded paper is the ONLY item we accept in doubled clear or translucent plastic bags.

§  WHAT GETS RECYCLED?  Many more recyclables can now go in the recycle bin— go towww.recycletogetherri.org  for a complete list.



 BULKY ITEMS:  These items get collected with our trash collection and MUST be allowed in this method of disposal.

(Bulky items are considered a furniture item such as a couch, table or chair etc.)


§  NOT ACCEPTED:  Construction debris, TVs, e-waste, appliances or hazardous items are not included in this collection.


§  AMOUNT ACCEPTED:  This collection is limited to one bulky item per week. Plan ahead if you are moving out or cleaning out – see below.


§  OTHER DISPOSAL OPTIONS:  Consider donating items is still usable. 


§  COUCHES & RECLINERS:  Couch and recliners are accepted with these guidelines.


1.      Sleep sofas must have the mattress removed. The couch can be collected as your one bulky item for the week, but the mattress must be disposed in the separate mattress program above.


2.      Pop out foot rests must be off the item.  If attached, this item can damage the collection truck. 


3.      Please be mindful of weather.  Bulky items that are soaking wet or covered with rain or snow will be too heavy for our hauling crew to pick up.


4.      Have your recycling cart also at your curb. Remember, Cumberland has a No Bin, No Barrel policy stating you must have recycling out to have any trash collected.


WHITE GOODS : White goods are large metal appliances: stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, gas grills etc.


§  White goods are collected every Monday.


§  Call Waste Management @ 800-972-4545 to schedule a pick-up.


§  Smaller appliances such as a microwave, dehumidifier or anything with a cord should be taken to the Kent Street garage.


YARD WASTE :  Yard waste is defined as vegetation, grass, leaves, weeds and small branches smaller than 3 feet in length and 2 inches in diameter. NO stones, dirt, or trash can be mixed in.


§  Weekly segregated collection: Spring collection from April 15 – June 15.  Fall collections from Oct. 15 – Dec. 15.


§  Place in brown compostable yard waste bags.


§  Residents are limited to 8 brown bags weekly.




Residents are reminded the weekly trash limits still apply.  The town will not come to properties and collect unlimited amounts of trash.  To reduce trash amounts on move-out day, some recommendations are:

ü  Consider donating useable household items to organizations. Many will come and pick up at your house and give tax donation certificates.

ü  Plan ahead—the town policy is ONE bulky item per week.  Plan ahead if you are disposing of more items.

ü   See below for hazardous waste collection schedules.   Items that are hazardous will not be taken in the trash. Residents can bring to any Saturday morning collection throughout our state and dispose for FREE.

ü  Call with any questions – 728-2400 x 155.


New residents during their final walk through should check that a recycling cart has been left on the property.  Each house has been delivered a cart for recyclables, but these STAY with the property when ownership changes.  Avoid any confusion or cost by making sure the previous owner has properly left the cart.


The Town of Cumberland offers weekly trash & recycling service to 1 - 4 unit properties. We ask landlords to understand and inform your tenants what is permitted in the weekly collections.  (Click above for more detailed information.)



All households have been issued a wheeled recycle cart with a tracking serial number. The property owner is responsible to make sure this cart STAYS at the assigned property. 

 Replacements are very expensive.  This cost is $60 for a new cart or $25 for a used cart (if we have some available).

 Owners who do not leave the cart can be charged fee to replace them. 

 New residents should make sure you do not become responsible to replace this cart. Check to see that a recycle cart has been left at your property before you move in.


http://hunterscreekhoa.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Blue-cart.jpgAutomated Collection Larger RECYCLE  Carts      *****************

Why do I have this cart?     Cumberland is automating their recycling collection, and residents must use this container to have their recycling picked up by the automated truck.

Why are we automating recycling?  To make recycling easier for our residents and to recycle more than ever before. 

1.  Larger containers give resident room for all recycling they generate – no more having to throw away recycling because the bin was full.

2.  Closed containers keep all recycling in the container—let’s keep paper or plastic from blowing through the streets.

3.   Save our town money – Curbside recycling is one easy way to generate revenue for our community.  If our residents will just sort recycling from trash, and put into these wheeled containers -- the savings will add up quickly.

a).  All recyclables are brought to our state landfill with no tipping fees;  unfortunately trash brought to the landfill costs us taxpayers $32 per ton. 

b). Cumberland is awarded a yearly recycling profit share.  The more our community recycles, the bigger our share. 

Is this container just for recycling?  YES!  Only recycling goes into this cart. Now instead of putting your recycling in the blue and green bins, you put in this wheeled cart.  Residents can mix all their recycling together, but must not mix trash with recycling. 

Should recycling be loose or can it be in plastic bags in the cart? Loose.  Recycling cannot be in plastic bags for the sorting process to take place at our state recycling center.  Also remember to keep different materials separate, such as a glass jar with a metal lid.  Recycle both, but keep the lid off the jar so it can be sorted properly. 

What container do I use for my trash?  Trash must not be placed in the recycling cart. Residents should continue to use their own containers for trash collection.

Why should we sort recycling from trash?  Recyclable materials such as tin cans, paper etc. have a resale value and can be sold and reused if can be collected. While our state landfill can sort recyclables into 13 different materials, it can NOT sort trash from the mix.  Sorting has to be done before trash and recycling get mixed together to be utilized. This is why each household has to have two containers, one for recycling and one for trash, and also why we send two separate trucks, one to collect recycling only and one to collect trash only each week to your house.

Do I have to worry how heavy the container might be?  No. The new system is automated, meaning we are now having a machine to pick-up and empty the cart.  So go ahead and add as much recycling as fits into the container.

Where do I place the cart on the curb?   You will place the cart in your usual spot for recycling collection.  For ease of empting, please make sure:

1. There is a 3 foot clearance around the recycle cart.

2. The arrows on the lids face the street.

3. Place no further than 2 feet back from the curb.

Who owns these carts?  Waste Haulers owns these carts, not the resident.  They cannot be removed from the property.  Residents cannot mark or alter the carts.  For any concerns regarding the cart, contact Waste Management at (800) 972-4545. 


COOKING OIL -  Bring to RI Resource Recovery in Johnston in their Small Vehicle Drop off Area program.

CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS-  Construction debris is considered wood, sheet rock, toilets, windows, tiles etc. This material cannot be collected in the weekly residential collection.  Residents can dispose of this item for a fee at RI Resource Recovery or any area transfer stations.

CHRISTMAS TREES-  Real trees and wreaths free of tinsel, ornaments, wire or bags can be brought to Tucker Field, Kent Street Garage or Northern Garage during the month of January for composting.  Trees are not collected curbside and will not be put in the trash.  

FLOURESCENT LIGHT BULBS – CFL’s are considered hazardous and can be brought to an Eco- Depot collection.  They are also accepted at many Lowes and Home Depot stores by the customer service desk. 

HAZARDOUS ITEMS -  Oil based paints/stains, pool chemicals, propane tanks are considered hazardous and are not collected in the weekly trash.  RIRRC offers many Eco-Depot collections throughout the state. Go to www.rirrc.org.eco-depot  or call 942-1430 x 241 for collection dates and accepted items.

HARD-COVERED BOOKS – The hard cover keeps the books from going directly into the curbside recycle bin.  Either remove the hard cover or bring the entire book and drop in the Kiducation boxes (locations above).  Either way, the book will be recycled.

MEDICAL SHARPS-  All medical sharps should be placed in thick plastic container, such as an old laundry detergent container. Secure with cover and then tape, and put in your TRASH can—do not place in recycling.

PAINTS & STAINS –  Disposal is easier than ever with the NEW PaintCare RI program. Visitwww.paintcare.org for more information.

RIGID PLASTIC –  Can be recycled by bring to the landfill, RIRRC during normal business hours.

STYROFOAM – Hard packing Styrofoam can be recycled if brought to directly to KWD located in Uxbridge, MA.  KWD does allow residents to drop off bagged Styrofoam that is free of stickers, tape and food. Call for specific instructions.

Area UPS & FedEx stores also accept Styrofoam for use in their packages. Call them directly for guidelines for each business.

TIRES - Local tires business will accept tires for a nominal fee.

http://www.eci.com/cloudforum/images/Cloud-Questions.gifStill have questions?  Call the Recycling Department @ 728-2400 x 155.  Questions for Waste Management, call (800) 972-4545.




§   T




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