Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Checks

If the title is from another state or the vehicle was registered in another state, and the model year of the vehicle is 2001 or newer, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check is required before you register the car.

How to Receive VIN Checks

VIN Checks can be completed:


Monday:   1:15pm - 3:30pm

Tuesday through Friday:   8:15am - 11:30am and 1:15pm - 3:30pm

Cumberland Safety Complex
1379 Diamond Hill Road
Cumberland, RI  02864

To ensure the VIN Clerk is in the office, feel free to call 401-333-2500, ext. 3200, or email the clerk.

Please note that the title must be presented along with the vehicle at the time of the VIN check. If you own the vehicle, bring the original title. If there is a lien on the vehicle, bring a copy of the title.

Items Needed for VIN Check

  • Title (or copy of Title)
  • Vehicle being inspected
  • Proof of Residency
  • Credit Card (preferred payment)
    • $15 - Cumberland Residents
    • $20 - Non-Residents

Diagram Showing the Meaning of Each Letter/Number in a Vehicle Identification NumberUnderstanding Your VIN

  • 1st Digit - County
  • 2nd Digit - Manufacturer
  • 3rd Digit - Vehicle Type
  • 4th Digit - Body Type
  • 5th Digit - Engine
  • 6th Digit - Series
  • 7th Digit - Restraint
  • 8th Digit - Model
  • 9th Digit - Check Digit
  • 10th Digit - Model Year
  • 11th Digit - Plant
  • 12th through 17th Digits - Sequential Number