Town Clerk

The Town Clerk's Office supports the town council; handles land, birth, marriage, and death records, as well as probate and municipal courts; and also handles Open Records requests. Staff from the Clerk's office also handle the switchboard and direct residents to the appropriate departments. 


  1. Online Land Evidence

Online Land Evidence Records

Town of Cumberland Land Records are now available online via our Records Portal.

Recorded Land index and images are available from 1988 to the present. However, images from 1988 to 1990 are sporadic. Images before 1988 are being added as they become available.


A charge will be incurred for printing and/or downloading images. Access to the records may be provided by a subscription fee and/or a per-page fee.

  1. Notary Services
  1. Applying for a Marriage License
  1. Vital Records
  1. Business Licensing
  1. Dog Licensing

How to File a Claim

The Town of Cumberland accepts petitions for claims for damages resulting from Town negligence. The Town considers claims for damages to mailboxes caused by Town plows, to tires caused by potholes on Town-owned roads, and other similar damages.

The Finance Subcommittee reviews and approves claims on behalf of the Town. Relevant departments are asked to provide comments to the Finance Subcommittee, so they have as much information as possible.

The Town cannot accept petitions for damages that occur on state roads. Visit the Rhode Island Department of Transportation website or call them at 401-222-2450 to inquire about damages caused by potholes or state plows on state roads. There is a very limited time period within which you may file a claim; we encourage you to act quickly.

See the Petition for Claim of Property and/or Vehicle Damage (PDF) for further information and the claim form.

Public Records Requests:

Please be advised that the Town of Cumberland cannot require that a records request be on the Town of Cumberland’s form or otherwise be written if the request is readily identifiable as a public records request. This form is provided solely for your convenience.

NOTE: If you chose to pick up the records but did not include identifying information on this form (name, etc.), please inform the Town Clerk of the date you made the request, the records requested, and the request number. Thank you.

Access to Public Records Request Form

  1. Access to Public Records Request Form

    Act R.I. Gen. Laws 38-2-1 ET Seq.

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