Town Solicitor


The Town Solicitor is the attorney for the Town and legal advisor to the Mayor, Town Council, and all other departments and agencies of the Town government. The Solicitor reviews all Resolutions and Ordinances submitted to the Town Council for consideration.

Any legal claims against the Town are handled through this office.

How to Submit a Claim

Access to Public Records Requests

Please be advised that the Town of Cumberland cannot require that a records request be on the Town of Cumberland’s form or otherwise be written, if the request is readily identifiable as a public records request. This form is provided solely for your convenience.

NOTE: If you chose to pick up the records, but did not include identifying information on this form (name, etc.), please inform the Town Clerk of the date you made the request, records requested and request number. Thank you.

Access to Public Records Request Form

  1. Access to Public Records Request Form

    Act R.I. Gen. Laws 38-2-1 ET Seq.

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