Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is transmitted by deer ticks, and anywhere ticks live is a risky place for your dog. This includes marshy woodlands, city parks, grassy yards, hiking trails, and beachfront paths. 

The deer tick is about the size of a dot on this page. Hard enough to find on us, it's nearly impossible to detect these tiny ticks on our furry pals. Luckily, there is a preventive for pets - a vaccine designed to prevent the signs of Lyme disease. 

The vaccine is an easy way to ensure your dog's safety. Ask your veterinarian about vaccinating your dog today. 

Lyme disease causes fever, fatigue, and crippling arthritis. Once established, it can be very difficult to eliminate, and even if treatment is successful, damage may be permanent. 

Call your veterinarian today for more information on this devastating disease - and make plans to vaccinate. You'll enjoy Rhode Island summers with your dog, and you'll appreciate the peace of mind that protection brings. It's the best way to care for your best friend.

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