13. Cumberland Comprehensive Plan

The 2016 Cumberland Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Cumberland Town Council on June 15, 2016 and recieved State Approval by the Rhode Island Division of Planning on April 19, 2017. The Comprehensive Plan is the foundation of all local planning in Cumberland.

A Comprehensive Plan is necessary to form a rational basis for the long-term development of a municipality. Comprehensive Planning is needed to:

  • Provide for protection, development, use, and management of our land and natural resources;
  • Promote the appropriate use of land;
  • Provide for the coordination of growth and the instensity of development with provisions for services and facilities;
  • Provide a basis for the muncipal and state initiatives to ensure all citizens have access to a range of housing choices, including the availability of affordbale housing for all income levels and age groups; and
  • Recognize and address potentially conflicting land use as well as shared resources in contiguous municipalities and encourage cooperative planning efforts by municipalities

In the links below, you can download the full copy of the 2016 Cumberland Comprehensive Plan as well as individual copies of all of the maps associated with the Plan. 

Cumberland Comprehensive Plan 2016

Future Land Use Map 2016

Existing Land Use Map 2016

Zoning Map 2016

Transportation 2016

Neighborhoods Map 2016

Natural Hazards Mitigation Map 2016

Historic Sites Map 2016

Economic Development Sites 2016

Geology Map 2016

Soil Constraints Map 2016

Prime Farmland Soils Map 2016

Slopes Map 2016

Surface Waters Map 2016

Groundwater Map 2016

Flood Zones Map 2016

Impervious Areas Map 2016

Natural Heritage Maps 2016

Open Space and Recreation Map 2016

Public Facilities Map 2016

Water and Sewer Supply Map 2016

Aerial Photography Map 2016

Appendix: Cumberland's Vision