19. Hazard Mitigation Plan

The 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan was adopted by the Cumberland Town Council on April 19th. This adoption is considered the Final Approval of the Plan by both the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA).  

A Hazard Mitigation Plan is a FEMA required planning document that provides for a long range analysis of the impacts of natural and man-made hazards to the community and strategies and actions to reduce those impacts. The Hazard Mitigation Plan conncts with the Town of Cumberland Comprehensive Plan in its overlap in hazard mitigation planning and long range analysis of climate change and natural hazard planning. 

Hazard mitigation planning is the process through which hazards that threaten communities are identified, likely impacts of those hazards are determined, mitigation goals set, and appropriate strategies to lessen impacts are determined, prioritized, and implemented. This Plan is an updated from the 2011 FEMA-approved plan and documents the Town of Cumberland's hazard mitigation planning process, identifies releveant hazards and risks, and identifies the strategy the town will use to decrease vulnerability and increase resiliency and sustainability. 

Information in this Plan will be used to help guide and coordinate mitigation activities and decisions for local land use policy in the future. Proactive mitigation planning will help reduce the cost of disaster response and recovery to the community and its property owners by protecting critical community facilities, reducing liability exposure, and minimizing overall community impacts and disruption. 

The Hazard Mitigation Plan is in effect for five (5) years from the date of adoption. 

In the link below, you can download the full copy of the 2017 Cumberland Hazard Mitigation plan. 

Cumberland Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2017


Community Involvement in the Hazard Mitigation Plan Process

The following presentation was given at the Cumberland Library on September 28, 2015. This was the Public Workshop which kicked off the Hazard Mitigation Plan update process. 

Hazard Mitigation Plan Presentation 9-28-15


 For more information on the 2017 Cumberland Hazard Mitigation Plan contact the following:


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