2017 Conservation and Management Plan Updates

The Town of Cumberland, Department of Planning and Community Development is charged with maintaining and updating Conservation and Management Plans for Town owned Conservation Land and Public Parks.  

A Conservation and Management Plan is a planning document, similar to a Master Plan, which describes the intended maintenance and use of the property, descriptions and analysis of existing uses and features such as natural or scenic features, vegetation types, historic and futures land use as well as allowed and prohibited uses to govern the property. 

In 2004 The Department of Planning and Development developed a series of Conservation and Management Plans as a requirement of recieving and applying for State Open Space grant funding. As of 2017, many of these plans are out of date and in need of major revisions. To that end, the Department has updated several existing Management Plans in 2017 and have included the Plan Drafts below for review and comments. These Conservation and Management Plan updates will help the Town apply for future grant funding as well as document the many changes that have occured on these properties over the years as the Town continues to implement its long range goals for conservation, recreation, and open space preservation in the years ahead.

2017 Mercy Woods Conservation and Management Plan FINAL

2017 Diamond Hill Town Park Conservation and Management Plan FINAL

2017 Metcalf-Franklin Farm Conservation and Management Plan FINAL

2017 Monastery Conservation and Management Plan DRAFT