Message from the Chief of Police

As Chief of Police, I would like to personally welcome you to the Cumberland Police Department’s website. The Cumberland Police Department is comprised of dedicated, professional police officers that are committed to our community. The men and women of the police department are committed to providing our citizens with the best possible service. Our website is just one way of showing you the sense of pride, professionalism and dedication that the members of this department strive to achieve every day. 

It is our belief that while the mission of the Cumberland Police Department is to serve and protect the public, it is also our obligation to keep you informed of the various changes occurring within our department and the people and issues that affect law enforcement in our town. To carry our mission forward, we work closely with neighborhood groups, schools, churches, social service agencies, other town departments and other law enforcement agencies. We know that it takes effective partnerships to ensure that our citizens possess the very best quality of life. Partnerships are two-way relationships and will require a similar commitment from individuals, groups and organizations outside the control of the police. Everyone has a role in the pursuit of public safety. 

The motto of the members of the Cumberland Police Department is “Working Together to Build a Safer Community.” This website is prepared with those sentiments in mind, always working to better serve and provide safety and service for everyone who lives, works or visits the Town of Cumberland. Your thoughts, comments and observations are not only welcome, but also are very important to us. Thank you for viewing our website and we look forward to serving you in the future. 

Sincerely Yours, 
John R. Desmarais 
Chief of Police