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When you call 911 for help, it activates a system of responders and caregivers. Local 911 centers use advanced dispatch systems that triage calls and provide callers with important medical instructions. The call is then transferred to the Cumberland Police Department where the EMS unit is then dispatched. First responders (Police and Fire) are dispatched to provide medical care until the rescue arrives.

Both rescues in the Town of Cumberland are staffed with paramedics, the highest trained pre-hospital caregiver. Paramedics use advanced skills, medications and procedures to stabilize the patient before they are transported to one of the several local emergency departments within the area. This system of responders and caregivers make up your EMS system here in Cumberland RI.

There are (2) full-time 24/7staffed rescues within the Town of Cumberland. The Cumberland Rescue Service Medical Director, John Jardine, MD, is responsible for the medical oversight of all clinical care provided in the EMS System.