Dog Licenses

In accordance with RIGL 4-13-4 every dog owner or keeper of a dog is required to license their dog(s) annually.  Residents are allowed three (3) dogs per household, except as permitted by the chief of police.    

Dog licenses may be obtained at the Town Clerk’s office.  Proof of a valid rabies certificate is required at the time of registration along with the licensing fee.  Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope when requesting a license by mail.  The envelope should be addressed to the Cumberland Town Clerk’s Office, Attn: Dog License, 45 Broad Street, Cumberland, RI 02864. Click here for application. 

License & Renewal Fee - $6.00

Fee includes a one dollar ($1.00) surcharge for spay/neuter programs

Replacement Tags - $1.00

Late Fee - $3.00

Fee is imposed for renewals received after May 1st

Please refer to Chapter 4-Animals Ordinance for additional information.