Land Evidence / Recordings

Land evidence is recorded
Land evidence is not recorded during the last half hour of each day.

Recording fees
The fees for recording land evidence are set by the State of RI according to RIGL §34-13-7. Following is a list of some basics document fees. 

  • Deeds -$84.00
  • Mortgages -$64.00
  • Discharges, Assignments, & Liens  - $49.00
  • MLC - $ 8.00

Please note that these fees include the state and local historical records fees ($4.00 each document).  All fees are for the first page only, an additional dollar ($1.00) is charged for each additional page.   
Certified copies of land evidence records
In accordance with RIGL §34-13-9,recording officers shall charge $1.50 per page and $3.00 for certifying the record of any instrument.

Staff Contacts
Sophie Chalhoub-Skeldon (401) 728-2400 ext. 135
Jennifer Cameron (401) 728-2400 ext. 133