Bulky Items & Appliances (White Goods)

Please make sure you follow these guidelines so we can best service your property. We don't want to leave items on your curb.

1.  The item MUST be allowed in our trash program per the state landfill requirements
Items such as a couch or small piece of furniture are usually fine, but not all items are permitted in this collection. Below lists items we cannot take with the trash. 

2. Items must be something our crew can pick up and will fit in the truck
Be mindful of weather. Bulky items that are soaking wet or covered with snow, will be too heavy for our hauling crew to pick up.

3.  Items that are NOT permitted in this collection
Construction debris ( eg. toilets, windows, large mirrors & glass, scrap wood,wooden outdoor furniture etc.), TVs, E-waste, mattresses & boxsprings, appliances or hazardous items. These items cannot be collected in our town program, and do require a different method of disposal.

4.  Amount Accepted
This collection is limited to one (1)  bulky item per week. Plan ahead if you are moving out or cleaning out.

5. Recycling must be out for any trash to be collected 
Cumberland has a No Bin No Barrel policy stating No Recycling, No Trash Collected.

6. Other Options
Consider donating if your item is still usable. When we collect a bulky item, it is going into the trash and landfilled. Donating items is a great way to help someone else, save expensive trash disposal fees, and be good to our environment.


NOW window air conditioners, dorm size refrigerators & dehumidifers  
can also be collected in our white goods service

MTG Disposal, the company that services our town for trash & recycling collection, also offers a weekly white good collection at no charge to our residents.

1.  White goods are large metal appliances. (eg. stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, treadmills, gas grills, propane tank removed, window air conditioners) are accepted in this collection.

2.  Call MTG Disposal directly to schedule a pick up.  Call 866-420-6342 to add your address to their collection schedule. 

3.  Place out at your curb by 6 am Monday morning.  Please, not before 6 pm on Sunday evening. We want to keep our Cumberland streets clean.

Getting rid of a working refrigerator?  National Grid has a great program to recycle working refrigerators that are repalced with more energy effecient models, and they could pay you $50 to take it away. See if yours might qualify.  Click here - National Grid details