FAQ - Delivery of New Trash Carts

Department of Public Works

FAQ’s – Delivery of New Trash Carts

When can I use my cart?  We will start the automatic trash collection with the new carts on July 1, 2019.  However, as Thursday, July 4th, is a holiday, trash collection for Thursday and Friday will be delayed by one (1) day.


I didn’t receive a cart:  New trash carts will be delivered as best possible in order of the collection day, Monday through Friday, starting on June 3, 2019.  The distribution of the new trash carts will be starting in the southern sections of town.  Crews will proceed northerly to the other street and neighborhood locations.  The overall  distribution throughout town will take approximately 2-1/2 weeks.  All carts will be delivered no later than June 28, 2019 in time for the start of automatic trash collection on July 1, 2019.


My neighbor got a trash cart, but I didn’t:  Sometimes houses or other dwellings are missed during this mass distribution.  Contact the DPW Trash & Recycling Dept. at 728-2400 Ext. 155, and a new trash cart will be delivered to you by the end of the week, or no later than before your first automatic trash collection day.


We have a four-family house and only received 1 cart:  We will deliver the additional carts Contact the DPW Trash & Recycling Dept. and a new trash cart will be delivered to you by the end of the week, or by your first automatic trash collection day.


I put my new cart out before July 1st, but they did not empty all the material:  If you used your cart before July 1st, we will still be collecting trash the traditional way, and will take the all the trash bags and big items out manually until June 28, 2019, but no loose smaller items will be removed.


What size are the carts?  We are delivering 95-gallon trash carts.  The carts are approximately 44-1/2” tall, and are approximately 27” wide , as measured along the top front side; and approximately 33”, as measured along the top side of the cart.


It’s too big. Can I get a smaller one?  The Town purchased a limited number of smaller 65-gallon trash carts.  If you over 70 years old, or have a physical handicap, please contact the DPW Trash & Recycling Dept., and we will arrange to have the smaller size delivered to your house and take back the larger size cart.  Requests for smaller cart size will not be given consideration until after August 15th after the 95-gallon carts have been in service for several weeks.  If you still think it is too big after this trial period, we will exchange it for a 65-gallon cart.


Is there a cart that is smaller than 65-gallon size?  NO


I need more than one (1) trash cart:  This new 95-gallon trash cart will hold up to six (6) trash bags, and is utilized in Central Falls, North Providence and West Warwick.  This cart size suffices for the majority of household trash disposal needs.  Please recycle more material and it should be big enough.


 I still need more than one cart:  During the time of distribution and the  start-up of the automatic trash collection, we will not be providing any additional carts until a satisfactory trial period has passed for the automatic trash collection within town. After this trial period, and depending on the availability of additional trash carts, an additional cart may be purchased for $75.00.


They didn’t pick up the extra bags and items on the ground:  All material must be placed in the new trash cart for collection.


What do I do with my old trash cans? If you do not have any other use for your plastic trash barrels, cans, or carts, you can recycle them.  They can be dropped off at the rear parking lot of Tucker Field located off of Mendon Road.  Residents can drop-off their old or unused plastic trash containers at this location starting the week of July 8, 2019.  Residents are advised to place the trash containers behind the concrete Jersey barriers at the rear of the parking lot.  The town’s trash collection company will be collecting them periodically at that location so they can be recycled.  This drop-off location will be available only between July 8th and July 19th.


I don’t want the cart:  Trash will only be collected in these new trash carts.  You must have this cart placed curbside for trash collection.


Do I still use my blue recycling cart?  Yes, residents will continue to use their recycling carts for recyclables.  As in the past, you will continue to place your recycling cart curbside for pick-up on your trash and recycling collection day. Please do not put recyclables in your new trash carts.


What will I do with my yard waste?  Do not place yard waste in your new trash carts.  The trash carts are for the normal household waste only.  Yard waste will continue to be collected separately on a weekly basis through June 21, 2019.  After June 21st, yard waste will then be collected every two weeks starting the week of July 1, 2019.