Trash Program

New automated trash system begins July 1st.          

**Nothing has changed but the new bins**


Our Trash & Recycling department educates residents regarding our curbside trash, recycling and special collections offered our community and assist residents with resources for disposal of items that go beyond these programs.  

This will explain how to properly place your household trash out for collection. 

What is Trash?:  The Town of Cumberland weekly trash service is for household trash items that is generated in normal day to day living.  This includes kitchen trash, bathroom trash and the like.

This service is not intended for move outs or clean outs, waste from home construction projects, hazardous items, Christmas trees and yard waste, and any item that is deemed unacceptable by RI Resource Recovery, the governing body of our state landfill. We ask residents to call with any questions before they place items out for collection. 

Trash Limits:  All trash MUST be bagged -  no loose trash. Trash in bags or cans is accepted, but the weekly amount is limited to four (4) 36 gallon size trash cans or bags.

Weight Limits: Trash collection in our community is a manual collection, meaning men still pick-up your trash.  Please be aware that trash bags or cans cannot exceed a weight of 35 pounds.

Trash Cans: Trash cans are not provided by the town.  Residents purchasing trash cans should purchase a 36 gallon size.  This allows the men to be able to pick-up and handle your trash.  If your can is too larger or heavy, unfortunately your trash will not be able to be emptied in the truck.  

Placement Times:  Trash & recycling containers cannot be left out at the curb.  Residents should only place items for collection no earlier than 6 pm on the day before your regular pick-up day, but no later than 6 am. on your collection day. Please remember, do not place any items we cannot pick up in the weekly collection. We do not want to leave any items behind after we service your property.

No Bin No Barrel:   Cumberland has a No Bin No Barrel policy which states every house must have their recycling cart out for collection for any trash to be collected. If the recycling collections comes before your trash, residents must leave their recycle cart out until the trash is collected. 

One Bulky Item:    The town does allow one larger item to be collected IF it is something permitted in our trash collection.  Click below for complete details of what bulky is considered a bulky item and allowed in this collection.  

Bulky Item Details

Multi - Unit Properties: The Town of Cumberland offers weekly trash & recycling service to 1 - 4 unit properties. We ask landlords to understand and inform your tenants what is permitted in the weekly collections.  (Click here for more detailed information)

Moving Out or Cleaning Out:  Remember the trash limits still apply. Click below for suggestions to help you manage larger trash amounts.

Moving Out/ Cleaning Out Details

White Goods (Appliances & Large Metal) Items:  Weekly curbside collection is available to our residents at no charge. Residents should call MTG Disposal directly to schedule a pickup @ 866-420-6342 to add your address to their collection list.  Please call by Friday to be placed on the following Monday schedule.

Wrong Items Placed Curbside:  If you come home and see items left after yor trash & recycling has been serviced, most likely you have placed an item we cannot collect in these programs. These MUST be removed off the curb in order to keep our streets clear and safe and per town ordinance regulations. 

Yard Waste Collections:  A seasonal yard waste curbside collection is offered to our residents during our Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.  Click below for complete details regarding the collection times and requirements. 

Yard Waste Collections

** Some items might be accepted at community or state drop offs for recycling, 
but some items that we cannot manage are ultimately the responsibily of the resident and could incur a disposal cost.